Wife not coming to home

Sir, I got married on January. It is 7 months since my marriage. After marriage my wife fought with me and mom twice and went to her mom place. I convinced her and brought back. Now in July she went home and hasn't come back. Before that in June she got conceived and since I was 27 and she was 23 we decided and thought we LL not have kids for 3 more years and we went for abortion. 15 days back she came with her brother and mom. Her brother came to hit me telling I spoiled my health by going for abortion. I tried to convince it was mutual decision but they were not gng to agree that. Now my questions are. 1. We went for abortion in reputed clinic, I have actual prescription which tells couple went for abortion. So if they complain will it help me? 2. I don't want divorce but now she complains telling that she likes me but not my parents so she wants to go for separate home, but I don't want to do. If I don't agree she will go for divorce. Can I deny her divorce request? 3. We have one small property my dads. I have one brother also. Does she has rights in that property? 4. Her brother challenged me and my parents that he LL make us all suffer. He told he LL put physical and mental violence case on us. What should I do? 5. She is working with 15k salary per month. Can she ask for allowance even though she is working? 6. If I get false Dv case and divorce request. What should I do