Job offer

My friends ex colleague offered me and my friend a job in his company in Lithuania 10 months ago. I have resigned from my job because of the urgency he has created and now it has been 6 months that i am without a job and he keeps on delaying the process giving reasons relating to his family issues, financial problems, waiting for documents from Lithuania etc. He had sent me a preliminary contract 8 months ago and final contract was done on August 8th, 2015 with commencement of employment on Sep 21, 2015. We haven’t gone to apply for visa and he is going to delay the process once again. He had taken rupees 95k (each 45k) from us for Visa processing and due to delay he returned 62,500. Now 27,500 is pending which he has not given. He has given a lot of torture and harassment to us. We want to take legal action and demand compensation from him for the damages and loss. What are the steps and let me know the strength of my case. Note: We have telephonic recordings and video recording of meeting.