Voting Rights for people in RWA Formation u/s Karnataka 1960 Act

Going by the discussion at : Jeshma Mohandas provided the following statement : Please check this link for the same which provides multiple votes are not permitted. and However, noticed that both the links are related to United Kingdom's Society Act. Do we have any such document, which states that a builder irrespective of number of flats will have only 1 vote in the society elections. As of now, no byelaws are there, no association has been formed, and the builder we are talking about is very powerful. From 96 flats, 43 are with them, some are sold but owners have not taken possession and some are unsold (numbers not known). And from the remaining 53 flats only 15 - 20 people are owners staying at the campus, rest all are either abroad or staying in different cities. Why is registering under 1972 Act so difficult as compared to 1960 Act, which technically doesn't have any significance. Please advise as early as possible, as we have meeting related to these tomorrow morning.