A man leaves her wife and 7 children with the eldest being at 14 for 35 years.

A man who gave away all the land to others for drinking and negligible money now wanted to sell the home as well. Then his wife with them having 7 children got worried when she found out about this. Fought over this matter with his husband who refused to co-operate and abandoned her while only taking the smallest child(1 year old) with him. He kept him till he studied in class 10th and then left him on his own as well to earn and eat. The wife with his children had to somehow work with his eldest son being 14 and smaller children helping out as well. Then the man would call police to them in case of child labour and some false accusation for harassing them. after 35 years the man had an accident. The youngest son somehow got informed due to being in the same area. In the hospital report it was stated he reported he had no relatives. The son took him home and looked after him. Where he had his wife to help as well. But they were having problems so the eldest son who was left with his mother is now a driver, thought that whatever he did still he was his father and he should help him. So in hope or getting along again he asked to take him home. The man agreed to come back. But when he got up oh his feet again. He started to fight over the money from part of remaining land that came under the road area. Started having daily fights and stopped eating anything but still stays in a room at that place. He would frequently call police in false cases such as getting beaten by his son and like his son was threatening to kick him out of the home. But the police was somehow controlled by his wife to be sent back. After the death of his wife, he didn't even bother to attend the ceremony. And didn't even got his head shaven that all relatives do after the death of someone in relation. Now wanted to claim money after her death and frequently calling police over this matter. The eldest son being patient to high blood pressure lost his cool and pushed his father right in front of the police. Due to this the people throughout the village had to come to cooldown the police. The eldest son is a driver and is afraid if he got in custody for a few days who will feed his family. I, being his son want to know an effective solution to this problem. Please help me here.