Is form 11(rule 16) for divorce?

I'm a Hindu and married (love marriage) a guy who's Christian in Dec 2017 without informing my parents. I informedmy parents after 10days of marriage. I'm from AP and he's from Hyderabad. Both of us are form different states. Within 4months of our marriage I came back to my parents house due to his psychic behavior. He tortured me to hell and beat me to ask my parents for money and property. He even tried to kill me during these 4months so I left him for life threat and came back to my parents house. I filed a DVC case on him during Jan 2021 and the case is still running in the vizag district court (AP) to pay me 10k per month as interim maintenance and they never appeared in the court until date posting this on 29th Nov 2021. Now on 29th Nov 2021 I received a form or notice as form 11(rule 16) from him to attend the court on 23rd Dec 2021 at 10:30 at LB Nagar district court (Hyderabad). Not sure what that is for and is it a mandate that i should attend the court as that's in a different state? And can I ask him for money because I'm half dead and he ruined my life. During the months I was with him and before marriage he used my saving and salary for his expenses. Can I claim for them as well?