What is the surety thats required for an IO to give station bail and 41A notice in 498A case

Hello, I have attended two rounds of counselling at my wife's hometown police station. i could see clear biased behaviour of the IO and there was some local leader in the 2nd round of counselling who tried to intimidate in front of the officer. Now the IO has called and informed that the case is lodged and he will give the FIR number and 41a notice if I attend along with my parents. However, he has asked for property docs of my family or whoever is coming as surety and says just two people with sureties are not enough. He also denied when I asked to share the FIR number. My questions are: 1. Can a police ask for property docs at this stage? Do they have that right? What about people who don't have property to submit 2. I am guessing there might be other sections and maybe thats why FIR number is not being shared. How can I get the FIR number immediately. 3. Can I ask for 41A notice without attending the police station as I want to know more about the FIR and sections involved. If so, how will the police send it? 4. Will have to take bail after knowing the FIR number or is just 41a notice enough? 5. Who can I complaint/refer to, if the IO is misbehaving and if abusing the power Thanks