Regarding one-time alimony

Sir/madam, am disabled married 1year wife stayed with me for 2months non consumated(as her mother told not to consumate for 3months as her blood count was low and was taking iron supplements).But my wife used to chat with her boyfriend with different names infront of me. Once i caught her redhanded and taken screenshot of that message(love you). Once she told that she will go shopping with her mother but went shopping with him for 3hours and told me to gpay money to his number.I got angry and told everyone. She has extracted lots of money from me for her personal needs.after revealing her affair she is complaining that I have cheated her by hiding my disability.But my marriage was witnessed by everyone and her parents did kanyadhan to my legs where it is clearly visible that i wore calipers. Before marriage she accepted me. We have given three months time before marriage and told everything about my disability and witnessed by mediator. My salary is 50k and after emi deductions it will be around 15k.I told them to settle with2lakh onetime alimony as she has cheated me with her boyfriend.I would like to know whether alimony can be avoided in this case?