Sir iam in construction end process one of the legal hier objection of my construction

Sir iam purchased deceased person property whichis 440 Sq yards 2plots I buy 1 plot 220 sqs to the deceased person wife she had a legal hier certificate not mention family member certificate and witness 1 son and unregister relinquishment deed signed by 2brothers 1 brother already witness in sale deed after I constuct working 4 daughters coming to my land and clear the boundaries I have file injuction on 7 members 4sisters and 2 brothers 1 mother I will continue the construction 1 sister file a written statement 8 years back she file partition suit on 6members and another 1 plot and home and 440 system of 2plots she got the final decree I'm not in that suit she prayed I'm in buy land in pending suit that's the sale is null and demolish construction is possible she got only 1/7th share and I'm not inthat suit if three members are hiding the pending suit and sell the property I'm in 220sqs construction is almost final stage I have building govt approval current bills and iam on injuction order if she got the stay order on my construction please text I'm in big trouble