Tell me what I've to do now????

I'm using a Vodafone SIM. They often used to give offers for some numbers. Even I got some times. So whenever I got such offers (or not), I used to activate them by USSD (Using my main balance). This time I got an offer on datapack. I tried to activate it by dialing the respective USSD Code. But the pack was not activated. After trying so many times I contacted their customer care (198), & requested them to help me. They said they will get back to me after 2 days, as there is some network issue. After 2 days when I call them (In the meantime I always tried to activate), they informed that the offer can be activated for me from their side. So I told them to do that. But still the same response, I've spoken to a dozen staff, but none of them can able to help me. I'm tired of explaining this every one of them,whom I spoke with. Then I wrote a mail to their customer care. They said that the specific offer is not applicable for my number, So they asked me to send the snapshot of the offer message. I did send those images. Then they convinced that I got this offer and told me to dial the respective USSD codes in order to get the offer, which gives me even more frustration. Because the reason I mailed them is I'm not able to activate this offer by using that USSD. But they simply told me to use. Anyway I'm trying this daily. As I felt that they too is not helping me I forwarded those conversation to nodal as well as appellate officers. Then I contacted Nodal officer regarding this. On my 1st call they told me to call after 2 days. On my 2nd call after 2 days, they said they will call after 6 p.m as they need to discuss with their team regarding this. So I waited. But got no call from them. The appellate officer said that he will get back once they gathered all the document regarding this. The Customer Care blocked my number so that I'm unable to contact both 198 & 199 from that no. as well as my alternative no. I also visited 2-3 times to nearby vodafone store, they are simply asking me to wait for some more days. I'm having a kind of feel that every one them is ignoring this. So request you to provide ideas. Thanks in advance.