Marriage under Special Marriage Act when bride and groom are NRI

My partner and I both are full time PhD students in the United States, but we’re both Indians. We have now been outside of India for more than one year, I guess that makes us NRI’s. We belong to Hindu and Muslim community respectively. We want to get married under the Special Marriage Act, but we can only be in India for 30-40 days at a time, not more than that. I know that one has reside 30 days in a given district to notify the marriage officer of that district about their intention of marriage. Then after 30 days of residing there, a notice is put up for another 30 days after which the marriage can be solemnised. This means that the couple (or at least one of them) has to reside in India for 60 days. But we are both NRI and cannot stay in India for more than 40 days. Is the same requirement needed for couples in which both parties are not permanent residents in India? We have our parents living in India permanently. Can they give the notice on our behalf? Or, what other possibilities are there for us to get married under the SMA if we can only be in India for max 40 days.