498A -help on proofs

Hello Sir, My brother-in-laws wife (husbands brothers wife) included my name and my husband names in 498A charge sheet . She never started her marital life with husband . She is working in Chennai and we are in Hyderabad . BIL is also working in Hyderabad and staying separately . They both have cultural /ego issues and became worse question1 She visited our home with lady police giving a notice which says my husband and me as A3/A5 . Hence we engaged a lawyer and he managed to FIR where In FIR she mentioned only her husband and father-in-law s name saying they both are demanding 5 lakh dowry and not allowing her to start marital life . We filed a quash as both of our names are not mentioned in FIR and how can police issue notice to us . As our lawyer suggested we visited PS took station bail and gave some bribe to police . All this lawyer did for us as we don't know how to handle Later after some time charge sheet is filed and got summons from court to attend .Mean time our quash went to HC and we got stay as per 482 crpc . we didn't attend trail as we have stay and lawyer submitted same in HC . I would like to know say if the girl or her lawyer doesn't attend HC what would our quash status . will it get as lapse as Court said 4 weeks they should explain the reason for including us . Same is been communicated to her ,lawyer, PS but almost 3 months went on they didn't approach court . So are we compelled to attend trails or HC stay is extended . what are the chances of quash for both of us . please help