Married in India, Living now in US as Indian citizen on Visa , Mutual consent for Divorce

Hello, I was married in India about 10 years ago. My wife and I are now living in US - We are still Indian citizens and on a visa.We have mutual consent for divorce. Requesting advice on below questions A)since we are still Indian citizens ,can we not apply for divorce in US ? B) If we can apply for mutually consented divorce in US , Will the US decree not be accepted in India ? Is it better not to apply divorce from US ? C) If I have to apply divorce from India ,Can I attend the court proccedings remotely from US via online/remote video conferencing ? If online/remote video conferencing is not possible , Can i give power of attorney to my brother or a friend to represent me in court? I read in one of the forums that "If you file a mutual divorce consent in india, you just need to come twice. First time when you file the case in the court and the second during the hearing time" D) For filing divorce in India, one of the required document is the income tax statement of last 2-3 years Since I dont have any income in India for the last 10 years, I dont have the income tax statement of last 2-3 years but i do have the US tax papers - Will these be sufficient ?