Section 498A

Hello Sir, My brother-in-law's wife has filed a case under Section 498A. She has mentioned names of all his family members including his father, mother, all married sisters and brothers. My wife was not present at the time their marriage was held as she was hospitalized for delivering a new born. Now, she is unable to find my wife's house (my home), as we never knew her and neither we met them anytime. However, the funny part is that, she is claiming that we all including my wife harassing her with her family members. We never got the summon, however, other family members who got it, has been appearing at the court. And, they say that my wife's name is also written in the list and as my wife is not appearing in the court the case is not being started. They also say that my wife would be arrested, if not appeared in court. Is that true? Please advise, what I shall need to do as I do not believe them, they might tell a lie as we haven't received any summon or notification at all? And, believe me, the case is completely false, as she is doing this only to hurt every member of her husband's family. And, she has informed this very earlier that she would do this to my brother in law. She has cheated my brother in law and once it got proved. She is playing this easiest game of 498A. Please suggest. Thanks!