Inlaws forcing to take my salary

I am a staff nurse 6 years married and i have 4 year old girl, everything was fine but from last year my inlaws are asking for financial help which is full filled by my husband, as I have done is post graduation after marriage that time i was the only bread weaner of the family but when my mother inlaw came to leave with us everything changed, their were arguments abusive language and once my husband hit me, but with help of parents everything was solved she went back and we three leave happily, daughter went daycare and we for job, but know from last 6 month everything thing changed my husband abise7 a lot and once he hit me again and left the home and went to parents, but with help of some elder people we came together, and one thing not changed is his behavior I told him take 6 month plzz change yourself, but know he claims that i abuse him I heat up the argument I don't care for his family, his family want my salary to them and if I don't want give the salary I should leave the job, and start doing famring with my husband and spend my life in small village were their is no facility for toilet also, as I have decided and discuss before marriage that I will not stay in that village but they are forcing me, and he left me and my child without any decision. What to do