Can I file a case of my mothers ancestral property?

Hello, I am Hindu and I wanted to file a case against my grandmother(mother's mother) to claim the ancestral property. The property belongs to my great great grandfather and he has only one son and all the properties came to great grandfather has he is the only son to my great great grandfather. And now my great grandfather has only one daughter (my grandmother) who took over all the properties after my great grandfather's death (there is no will). She has no siblings and enjoying all the properties as single person till date. Up until now the property will be considered as ancestral property and it is not partitioned yet. Now my mother is in a situation where she cant file a case due to personal reasons (though she legally can claim it). However Is there way for me to file a case against my grand mother claiming it is my ancestral property? or will the property be considered as self acquired property of my mother because of maternal nature? (still the property is not partitioned and owned by my grandmother). I was born before my great grandfather death. Need some lights here.