Tenant Developer Agreement Link or Legal Format

Dear Sir, In 2012, our Landlord & Builder has got all the tenants of the building to evacuate the premises. Later, builder didn't commence with redevelopment and claimed to be financially weak, and sought investors to finance. Also, the builder has not paid any rent since 2015 and cheques issued to tenants on earlier occasions have been dishonoured. The tenants could not make any claim on basis of agreement as it didn't had proper legal considerations.As of now we are in talks, and hence seek proper agreement. Request you to please provide the link for the latest legally approved agreement format, that has legal sanctity and protects the rights and claim of tenants. Also if you can please provide format or link for rent agreement for tenants on redevelopment. This is a humble request to please provide latest reference link approved format of tenant developer agreement on redevelopment and the reference link of rent agreement seperately. Thanking you in anticipation. Thanks & Regards Mr Qureshi