Husband demanding divorce

I have been married for 18 years now having 2 children.My younger child is specially abled From marriage time my husband is egoistic can’t bear any words against him. Always have been misbehaving or taunting towards me and my family. We are from totally different environment since he has studied in villages myself in cities he always feels bit inferior but due his arrogance I have keep quiet mostly currently he is staying outside country but due unwanted reasons like mentioned above he is demanding divorce without listening to my words. He is always blaming me and complaining about my family disrespect towards him for which iam not fighting for him or agreeing to what ever ways he wants to take revenge against my people. For this reason now fighting and demanding divorce from my side and refusing to take care of me and kids until divorce papers are signed.He is quite cunning person to handle many times he has twisted situations to his favour I have quit job in 2019 came back to india due to my child requirements and taking care of him. I have earned well and allowed him to handle all financially due to his ego issues and now totally dependent upon him for family care. Always have been feeling left out due to his behaviour for so many years now some what trying to be happy but he is creating problems I am not in interest to give divorce for such reasons which I have always felt egocentric and one has been mature enough to avoid such situation. Since iam strongly feeling he is turning wild this time how to make situation favoured towards me And children so we should not face problems further