Share in my father's property and Bussiness

My mother was a Pakistani national.She got married in the year 1965 to my father who is an Indian citizen.After her marriage she got her Indian nationality and Indian passport.She has been visiting Pakistan to meet her parents and family a couple of times . Her father who was in Pakistan died leaving behind a books bussiness and a house of 1000 square yards.My mother has 2 brothers, the elder one is managing the books bussiness of my grandfather. The younger brother has introduced his children as partners in the firm.The partnership deed made during the lifetime of my grandfather very clearly mentions that ,tenancy ,goodwill and other variable assets are only in the control of my grandfather and the other partners have the right only towards the profit and loss with respect to their introduced capital in the firm. Now,its 23 years since my grandfather passed away.The properties a)house in federal b area,Karachi and the shop in a rented premises in Shah re Liaquat Saddar,Karachi have not been distributed among the legal heirs of my grandfather .A Nazir report has been issued in the case that the estate and assets of the deceased has to be distributed amidst his legal heirs as per Shari'ah.The house has been mutated amidst the heirs in the year 2009.Since my mother who is a legal heir of the deceased(her father) stays in India and now is an Indian National ,please advice me whether she can take her share of money after liquidating the assets to India.If yes what India she has to follow to receive the amount in India.