How i can take my benefits of service

Respected attorney,here i am putting my case regarding service matters,please guide me,how i can get my dues or damages from government, i joined government of u.p service as a doctor in feb 1997, i served in interior hospitals& phcs of up hill up to year 2000,in 2000 u.p seprated & uttarakhand was made. the government took choices of serve& i choose uttarakhand,in u.p state their was a rule that if a doctor completes his 5 yrs span was entitled for post graduation diploma/degree courses in various medical colleges of u.p, this was continued in uttarakhand up to 2006,but from 2007 u.p state denied to give seats for uttarakhand up to 2009, & u.p state again started giving p.g seats for uttarakhand doctors in 2010,the last age limit of applying was up to 45 yrs& i was completing it in 2010 means it was my last chance,& it was in rule that the seniority& interior places service will be priority for that,i was in year 2010 was among senior most of candidates applying,for seats. For a doctor study in private medical college is a dream because of high fee& capitation is taken for it,i was confident in 2010 that i will get desirable seat, the selection process was departmental,means just applying for it, but when the result announced i was surprised many juniors,5-6 yrs service then me were alloted seats& they announced the result,as well as they selected 3 s.t sears in place of 2 & asked immediate joining to those doctors,i went to high court of uttarakhand but my lawyer told me that you have to sue by name against all candidates who were choosen ,i made the opposite party the government of health department,my case was not taken,i got a shock after that& i went in deep depression,i went to many doctors for check up in private clinics,but my condition detoriated,after few years with corrospondance with department officials,they warned me to join duty again,i asked them why the department did injustice to me,one of the director told me that those doctors who selected were more worthy then me,shrestha then me, again the department sent many notices to me,but my condition again detoriated,they published in local news paper by my name that i am a run away/absconded doctor,i replied them i was humiliated by department,my condition is not good,kindly dont publicize the matter like that,after that the department is silent,my will of serving more in department is dead now,peoples junior then me are now having more degree& more salary then me,i am not able to do private practice because i am still a government doctor on papers as well as my skill is lost due to illness, my all saving wasted in treatment, my children are studying& i havent money& job from october 2010, so please i want to do case for my damages,so i can get some dues or pension,please guide me