Personal loan and Credit card outstanding payment by Father

Hi sir My retired father (age 66) took personal loan and have outstanding credit card payments (no collateral) amounting of INR 13 lakhs from different banks without consulting anyone in the family. This was not used for any personal amenties or luxuries but swiped in the credit card machine of my brother-in-law (sister's husband) on this private business owned machine. He emotionally blackmailed my father on mulitple events. BIL is now refusing payment citing vague reasons. My father had a very good CIBIL and credit rating earlier. We have received demand legal notice from an advocate from a bank. The house if on my mothers name. To list, my father has 1 car and few life insurance and other policies to his name. Question: 1. Can bank transfer any liabilities to me or my mother in this case? 2. We do not have sufficient funds to offer/negotiate settlement to banks? 3. What are the implications (especially on family members) if my father declares insolvency/bankrupcy? 4. How difficult it would be for him to get insolvency from the court and estimated time for it? 5. What steps can be taken to minimize any harrassment (verbal and/or physical) from recovery agents/muscle men representing bank? Self: I am a 32 year old married male and have ample liabilities as it is.