About harrasment by IT company

I was working in IT company located in IT-Park,Chandigarh. They gave me offer for Sr. Software Engineer PHP on 7th July 2015 that I accepted immediately and started to work from same day. After joining they started to harassed me by not providing proper computer equipment ,forced me to work for late night and work also assigned for beyond human capacity and every time they compared my working with other junior employees. I was expecting they will give me offer letters in between one or two days but they did not at all. Yet I was working continuously on my assigned work. It all happened in 15 days from my joining and one day HR from this company asked me for resignation without any previous notice. She threated me that I concealed information about my last employment ( Please Note : Before that I was working in some another company for very short period that I not disclosed to them and this company was located in same building on top floor). On this ground she asked me for resignation without giving any previous notice and also not cleared my working payment. Can I take any legal action against this company.