Delay of appointment in shorting assistant in postal dept.

Respected sir , we are the candidates qualified in pa/sa Dr. Recruitment exam 2014 in 21st December and 5-10 January verification held. Some of candidates got their joining after few month. We r eagerly waiting for our joining but on 27/4/2015 our division got a letter by department of post delhi that An order has been released by Postal Directorate, New Delhi, to hold in abeyance issuing appointment/offer letter to the successful candidates of P.A. cadre for the year 2014. At the sane time, no new training order will be issued for the candidates whose all verifications are completed. The order says : 1. Issuing letter/offer of appointment should be held in abeyance for those cases where such letter has not already been issued. 2. In the cases where pre-appointment formalities are complete but training order has not yet been issued, no training order will be issued now. 3. In the cases where pre-appointment formalities (verification etc.) Five month has passed but we do not get any news from our dept. Some of candidates enjoy their service but we r in depression what should we do please help us