Inherited property

My name is Srinivas, from Andhra Pradesh, looking for experts advice. 1. I am Hindu and married on March,2014 2. My wife dad is having inherited ancestral agricultural lands registered on his name and he is having 4 sisters (siblings), out of 4 one sister expired, now my father-in-law and his 3 sisters are alive 3. i) Expired My uncle's sister has two daughters and he married to younger one ii) Uncle's elder sister has one son but husband is not alive. My uncle gave him his share and registered also. iii) Uncle's 2nd sister had two sons but they died and husband is also not alive so she asked money without her share of land and took that iv) Uncle's 3rd sister has two sons and husband is alive. they are all staying in close by village. she is also got her share of land. 4. As I mentioned in point 2, My uncle married his expired sister's younger daughter and she got some land 5. Now my father-in-law wants to register his share and his wife share to his daughter i.e my wife 6. All my uncle's siblings got their share but still can they stop us to register my Father-in-laws property on my wife name?