Can a patient's daughter sue a hospital for mistake in billing

I admitted my mother in a pvt hospital for shortness in breath. I stayed with her as her attendant for the whole duration. The total bill was 39,000/-. My mother's health insurance company sanctioned an amount of 14,000/- against the bills produced by the hospital. Since the insurance company had tie-up with the hospital, the insurance company authorised the above said amount at the time of discharge itself and instructed the hospital to collect the only the remaining amount from the patient excluding the authorised amount. i confirmed the same thru phone with the insurance company. But due to some mis communication within the hospital staff, the hospital demanded us to pay 37,000/- rupees and claimed that only 2000 rs will be deducted. After a struggle of 2 hrs running piller to post, i had no other option but to pay the demanded amount and discharge my mother. Now i want to know whether i can sue the hospital in the capacity of patient's daughter?( Because i was the one who suffered much of the ordeal) Or will i be only able to sue in my mother's name since she was the patient.