Senior citizen harassment

My father is a about 80 years old. He has a sole proprietorship firm in his name and he is the proprietor. My younger brother also used to sit in the shop. Since many years my younger brother has been fighting with my father over the shop and want a part in the shop. He always abuses and harasses my father verbally very badly in front of everyone despite the fact my father bought him a house and also a shop and provided money to setup a business which is running. He sits in his shop as well and my father's shop. He with withdraws money from my father's shop against my father's wishes despite repeated telling him not to come to his shop. He is not letting the business flourish and has ruined the business. There are constant arguments between my father and my younger brother while in the shop and everyone sees it but no help. We tried to pressurize him socially through relatives and societal figures to not to come to shop but he comes daily and abuse my father and me on daily basis in such a way i can't tell you. My father has a heart condition and undergoing treatment also. My father is fed up and even told my younger brother not to touch his dead body when he dies. But this is not stopping my younger brother from abusing my father and coming to shop and taking money against my father's wishes. I also sit in the shop. My father want to stop this and to transfer the shop to me.The shop is on rented premises My father is contemplating police action. Will it be helpful and what steps should be taken? Please help.