Loan Restructuring

Hello, i am into commodity processing and exporting business. i have started this business 3 years ago. For this, i have availed term loan and Cash credit Facilities from the bank. Due to Commodity Prices have crashed, i have faced huge losses and my company"s net worth has almost wiped out. Now the CC account has become negative, i have asked bank authorities to re structure my loan account but they are not willing to do that. The prime security as well as the collateral security both combined value is 2.5 times the outstanding loan, so bank is pressuring us to make full payment or they will go ahead with surfasi act and take charge of the property. i dont have that much enough liquid funds to clear the outstanding loan amount and bank is not accepting to restructure the outstanding loan. I am willing to run my company but at the moment i am stuck and cannot work. the production facility i have to keep close due to no availability of funds. i even consulted a finacial chartered accountant and even a lawyer and they are advising me to make the account npa and file a case and accordingly i will get a time period of 2 to 3 years and bank will not be able to take possession. I am confused what to do. i am willing to Run my company so please suggest me accordingly. Thank you .