Unncessary harrassment by 4 RWA members

I am already paying 3750 per month out of 4150. So I am not defaulter in anyway. The Bye Laws say that if anyone is not paying any maintenance which is ZERO maintenance then RWA should 1. first send a notice and give time which is 60 days 2. After 60 days RWA should send a legal notice to the resident 3. And if still resident is not paying then RWA should file a case and let the court decide what to do with the resident The Bye Laws does not say that RWA should stop services for resident paying 90.1% maintenance but still RWA has stopped picking up garbage from my flat and have never denied to pay maintenance. The CCM has violated the terms as per Bye Laws especially point no.2 & 3. This CCM is not bothered about residents smoking cigarettes openly in SLS. One resident stopped paying maintenance last year we caught him smoking and after multiple warnings also, he did not stop smoking. But we still did not stop any of the services for him being in CCM. But since these 4 members in RWA have personal enmity with me they have been deliberately harassing me. We also know that this CCM have raised Rs.400/- before 01-Apr-2021 which is even before taking the charge which was forceful on all residents. They have spent more than 30K and for all of the 30K spent they have never taken GBM for approval. When raised tickets for getting data of residents who are defaulters they have never given the data or published it even after asking several times and raising tickets in Apna Complex. Hence I want to send a legal notice to RWA and also want to file a case with Registrar of Societies that the current RWA has been targeting me continuously and mis-using the Bye-Laws as I have exposed their work since 2017 via Audit results and other means. Please suggest what should I do. Thanks Nil B-110