Domestic violence now want divorce with alimony

I have completed more than 4 year of my marriage in this year, i don't have any child, from starting my husband start torching me by mentally and physically, but I never complaint his, from starting onword I gave him my salary for cometties but I don't have any proof of cometties becoz i always gave him cash, after that we purchesed house but he make papers from his name not my, i never call police when i bitten by him, becoz next day he felt sorry and say hi will not do again, and i forgett just to save my marriage life, but after some time he start again, he took my jewellry also, last year when he start again i was very upset by mentally so i called police, but i don't have any police complaint, becoz I just dail 100 no when police came he said that he will never do again so i agred and we came to house, but next day he start again, i returned back my mother house, and filled case in CAW CELL, now case come in police station and case will go court very soon, he quite his job for last year becoz his saying that if he is working he will give me maintainance , but i am working and now i can not quite my job, i don't know when i leave my mother house becoz my brother and his wife also staying with my mother, so i need to do this job, he doing which is his lwyer is saying and still i don't hire any lwyer becoz i don't have much salary to give his fees, i know my husband family is giving him full support from money, but i am not finaniclly strong. now i am fredup with this case and don't want to go long case, i just want divorse and my maintaince by monthly or lumpsum amount, but i think he wil not agree with this, please suggest what should i have to do?