I m a seller I want to cancel property deal but afraid to get legal notice this is my earning help

I m afraid to get legal notice I m owner of property in ncr reason is that I sell a property in which I hv a shop the property rate was quite lower than market price although I forget that I m giving her a established business and I hv no any idea what to do without that buisness that was only source of earning I hv recieved 10 % token amount with legal aggrement But I afraid if I cancel i hv to pay double But without business what I do I m jobless houseless I can use the whole money because of black / white things and kinda mentally not stable to take a big step I think many time to talk to them the final registree is doing on after 4 months of taken token money Can u suggest me what to do pleassss Although I hv decided to tell not directly to him but like I give excuse like I can't sell property in this financial year due to tax issue wait for 3 months more to end this year and I will return ur token money with full paper work this had fall them in to a false trap of selling property after 3 months or I don't HV any token money which they can blame can u tell some pons and cons of this ideaa