Tenant not paying rent, not vacating

Namasthe, My tenant not paying rent for the last 2 months. I have a registered lease agreement with him for 3 years for this commercial space. He says he wants Terrace, which he will use for his commercial work. I have rented out a commercial 1st floor to him. He says it's common area to use terrace. We don't want him strictly on terrace as ours is a residential floor, upon which is a terrace and told him No to terrace as commercial work not allowed on residential floors. He's not paying rent for last 2 months and within another 10 days, he will also break the lease agreement for 3 months consecutive non-payment of rent.He demanded money to vacate as he says he invested on it. I said you can't invest in a rented property but only in your business. Though i agreed to pay a 3 months rental advance even though his advance is over just to get him vacated as he has given trouble for last 7 months. Now he changed the common entrance gate lock on the ground floor and didnt give me the duplicate keys. I want this guy to vacate my floor as he's a big new sense to me. I came to know that i can send legal notice after 3 months non-payment for eviction. I don't think he will respond to those notices and pay rent or vacate. He says he wants terrace and ready to pay rent for next 2 years. I don' want him even for 2 days forget 2 years as he's a big new sense to me everyday. He didn't mention that he wants terrace before hand and now he linked up this issue with rent and stopped paying rent. I want this tenant to vacate my house. I'm trying to negotiate with my tenant but now he looks not willing to vacate and want to stay free without paying rent. My questions: 1) What should i do to get this tenant vacated? 2) I have a registered lease agreement and this tenant not paying rent terminating my agreement soon. How many years you think this case will last in court? 3) If i send him a legal notice i dont think he will respond. How can i evict him out? Thanks