Contractual service in a college

My service contract ended on 30th June,2015.Since my contract is due on 1st July,2015 but My employer does not serve my renewal of contract in the month of July.But I worked there without contract letter & hoped the authority will serve the letter in the month of July.I got salary of month of July also.Having no response from the authority I wrote a letter"Till date I have not received any communication from your end regarding my renewal of my contract.I request you to pay my provident fund both employer & employees with interest without any delay" on 31/07/2015".and stopped for going to my college from August.Should I work without contract letter?Till date they have not processed my application regarding PF.I have already complained for that in PF office.PF office send a letter to the college for taking necessary action reg.PF forms attestation & forward the same etc.In fact my employer wants my resignation.Now I am searching for new job.Is there any possibility for getting renewal of my contract?what is my next step?