Hindu Succession Act

Ref: Hindu Succession Act 1956 Sub: Recovery of Assets from rest of family member This is to bring to your kind notice that my father expired 01.04.2015 on & my mother expired on 27.07. 2013 We are together totally 5 brothers & Sisters. My younger brother living with my father since last 20 years and i living separately since last 20 years. 1. Sister (Married living Separately in India) 2. Sister (Married living Separately In USA) 3. Myself 4. Sister(Married living Separately in USA ) 5. Brother younger brother living jointly with my father because of that he is deny to giving any share from my father's property. my father have at least total property of Rs. 2 Cr. Kindly guide how to recover my share from all properties (office, Resident house, farm house, stock, gold jewellery, bank fund etc.) i try for mutual distribute property in mutual understanding but no one is ready to do this. please guide me. Thanking you. Yours Sincerely. Jayesh Shah