Eviction of my son and his family from my self-acquired property.

I disowned my son and my wife in February 2007 as they had borrowed from different banks and individuals without my knowledge and didn't return the same. I expelled from my home for a few years.And I willed my property in favour of children of my daughter. Subsequently, noticing a welcome change in my son, my wife let him in without my express consent. In July 2013 he was married. Now, my son is at it again rather excelling in his untoward activities. Now in order to acquire my property he has gone to the extent of prompting his wife (my daughter-in-law) to level molestation charges on me, thus attempting to evict me from my own property. He is creating scene at his will. He has disturbed me and my ailing wife, our peace of mind. I have intimated the local court that my daughter-in-law is threatening me and my wife under 498A and Dowry Act. Incidentally, my daughter-in-law has done the same thing in her previous marriage. I have also moved civil court seeking his (my son's) eviction from my property. He has locked one room in my house and visiting off and on to disturb my peace of mind. How can I get immediate relief and evict him permanently from my self acquired house ?