Love cheating n play with emotions

Sir i wan to take your advice on my concerning matter. I love a girl who belongs to other caste ( mishra) n i am rajput. we both love each other . We both said that we will marry in future in any circumstances in any situation. And we both r ready for marriage. .after decided it finally we are having sex several time with happiness n will. .after some time one day we just marriage in a room by puting vermalion on her head. N clicks so many pics n feeling pleasure. .she said that now we r husband does not matter our family agree with us or not. N marriage is all about heart attachement not social pretending . .so we both r happy ..but now she said that my father is not ready to marry me with u as i am other caste.. In other hand my family where ready to accept her. But she is now not ready to go against her father. N now fight with me.make me crying every time hurt me a lot . Sir i wan to marry with her in any aspect as i love her truely. Whether it will done by legally or naturally. Plz help me sir.