Housing Society Committee harassing us tenants

For past few months, the society has been harassing us to clear out our private duct area citing dengue / health reasons. It started when another flat complained about the health angle but society denied any correlation between this flat and the society's complaint. The society also sent us an email threatening legal actions by attaching a picture of the duct area which was taken without consent. Essentially, with the society denying that the complaint started via another flat, I don't understand how the society has a premise for a complaint. For us, this is mental, sexual and physical harassment due to following reasons: 1. Mental - Indecent hooligan like banging of the door in presence of society committee members expecting us to open the door without the society giving prior intimation, threating eviction and also forcing non-essential cleanup for months when delivery of essential items (Amazon, Zomato, etc) was not allowed till 1st October, 2021. 2. Sexual - Pictures of duct area taken from within bathroom without my consent where the part in the picture usually has contraceptives, pregnancy kits and feminine hygience products. 3. Physical - We're not yet fully vaccinated and have refused to meet face-to-face till vaccination +15 days. The society has threatened to force us to meet face-to-face. I stay with my wife and find it a severe threat to women's safety as well since my wife now feels extremely intimidated to step down alone in a gated society. I have no intention of getting the duct area cleaned since I don't believe there is any health risk posed. I also have my dengue test done on 22nd Sep which was negative. The society has threatened to take "regulatory and legal" actions if we keep refusing cleanup. I am looking for legal experts' opinion on the following: 1. Can the society send legal notice to get duct cleaned? 2. The picture was taken without consent. Is it valid proof for action to be taken by the society? 3. I am a tenant and believe the harassment is purely done because of it. From what I have been told, the complaining flat even asked my landlord when we'll move out. Can that be used as grounds for defence? 4. Even though I was not in favour of cleanup, I had earlier helped the society members by allowing entry into my duct area for pipe repair since that was an essential / emergency issue. I had also communicated with my landlord that I'll get the duct cleanup done 15 days after my vaccination, which would mostly be around 1st week of October. There have been medical reasons for delay in my vaccination which I have not communicated to my society and which I am not obligated to communicate with them. Due to the delay, the society now has again resorted to banging the door and expecting me to instantly attend to their whims & threats. They've also given me an ultimatum over email threatening legal actions. What actions can I take to file a women's safety and harassment case against them if this persists?