My boyfriend harrasing me mentally and physically

I had three relationships in my past. In the first two i got cheated and third relationship was with a south indian. I did not tell all these things to my fourth boyfriend. And i wanted to live with him forever. The main mistakes i made while being with him are : i met with my prev boyfriend just as friend and the second is i gifted my boyfriend a teddy which was gifted by my previous boyfriend to me. After some time my boyfriend got some doubts as hr used to ask about my past. Finaly i told him everything. Bt could not tel the minute details. He then started abused me, did sex with me, threatened me to cal my parents and tell everything, hit me on my face legs back.he even called my collegue at my office and thretened me to use and also tell everyone that i should be used. Nw i have told him all the minute details of my past after being threatened. I am in big trouble. He says he will kill my family my brother and will xpose me in front of all. I tolerate his torture and never say a thing if he lies to me. Please save me. Please tell me what to do. He just use me and i dont want to live with him nw. He is a liar. He just become fake to have physical relationship and then he will leave me after xposing me and using me. Please save me