Motherinlaw harrassment

Hi .iam 29year old got married to a man v good person 4years back .both of us r struggling a lot to save our relation from mother in laws harassment. I was educated bsc computers and came from a very good named family .my parents are v good .my husband was a business man since his 15year old near his father . v humble towards his father .no matter whatever his father scolds him . he is v lovable towards his father .his father is good at me also .setimes he scolds and shouts at me also .as we know he is a heart patient we both never against him .we r v careful towards his orders .we lead our life under total his rules to satisfy him .recently he died .4months his death period was.all the relatives my husband side was also v good .we have whatever we can from both of our sides .my hubby is v patience person .we didn't have children right now due to some health problems .OK here the main problem is my mother in law .vv imp.from the beginning onwards she was v interested about me to supreess my life under her control totally to get the grip on entire life .every one says iam v good girl hardworking in the home good cooking good respect towards all relatives good family background . good caring to family .good respect towards all .in all ways I improved myself to lead our family a good life.but y my motherinlaw wants to torture me for simple reasons v siily big arguments I can't understand she wants keep me under her restrictions without any mistake of my side.otherwise she used to scold indirectly near all the relatives to prove her capacity as iam not a permanent person of that house.she used to sidetrack my father in law also to scold me and harrassme who died sidetrack my husband by saying unnneccessary causes to mislead him.though the reason was v small to listen she spoiling my health a lot everyday due to mental torture relatives are helpless beside her mouth.we r helpless to stop her .I can't eat .sleep.or lead a life happily without tensions .we don't want to argue with her and hurt her so she is taking advantage v well .she says all lies to relatives about me always .some times wants to go away from home or suicide than bearing these all non sence.