Atrocities physical, financial and mental -

It must be a unique case in which a lady continued to sacrifice and suffer atrocities in the hands of her husband and his family just to have her kids to see both the parents for 27 years. The lady is a Govt official and husband is a PNB officer who thrashed her violently during pregnancy and first yr of marriage, with both his parents standing by his side to beat her more with leather belts and what not. She kept mum due to his father illness and with hope that after birth of a kid probably the situation may improve but in vain. Being banker to enjoy higher rate of interest, he continued to take salary cheque and deposited in his account and even didn't pay for bus fare to go to school. Father in law retired under secretary used to take water in milk pan to mother dairy to save money and to spoil the health of new born baby. Motherinlaw took entire jewellery and made a list of clothes she owned. These actions continued, heused to sit with parents to learn new skills of harassment. She got blessed with another son and her husband continued to be on his misdeeds, he tried to kill her too. He started hitting his grand mother who was blind with his father and one day her own daughter pushed her hard and sge had enough bleeding and she died. Now he started hitting his parents too, who didn't oppose and rather supported one of the two to attack the other. Both of them have passed now. The only person left now are hus wife and two kids who are engineers. He is still getting the support of one of his sister who with her husband are supporting him because of vested interest and misguide him. About 15 days back, he attacked his younger son with blows abd kicks and hurt him badly and was searching for knife to kill him but he could not locate, and didn't react as he continued to tell as advised by his mother not to counter attack and he pleaded that due to he being his father has to respect but he continued ultimately he ran away from his house for safety. Two days back he thrashed his wife badly. He attacks when only one fanily member is there. He has taken the entire earnings from her and girl family is providing support. He gets berserk many times and don't have good image in the bank too. Both the kids are of marriageable age but due to his cruelty, adamancy, rude and rash behaviour the entire family is suffering. What v can do to save the lives of girl snd hr two sons as v r very much worried. He is still giving threatenings regularly and shows he is a religious follower. V have many evidences to prove this. He is a spoiled child and now uncontrollable.