My mothers right in property

Dear sir my maternal grandmother had 5 children,now only my mother survives.My maternal grand mother too is no longer there.when my maternal grandmother was alive my uncle(Mama) got the whole property converted from leasehold to freehold in moradabad ,U.P. After the death of my maternal grandmother my uncle got the whole property transferred in his name. Now he too is no longer there and his widow lives in the property with her adopted adult son. Also my maternal grandfather had seperately willed a property in the name of my mother which was sold when my maternal grandmother was alive and some money paid to my mother. Now my question is : 1.Does my mother still have a right to equal share out of the property inherited by her brother from their mother under the Hindu succession act 2005 which the widow of her brother is using and residing in. 2. Secondly if the widow is sitting on all property papers what legal recourse does my mother have to get access to them . 3. Thirdly i would like to know that my maternal aunt left some FD with my mother but had not mentioned any nominee when she died in 2002. What all is required to encash them as my mother is the only survivour out of the 5 brother sisters.