BOI NPA property bought from e-auction not given phsycial possession

I have bought NPA property from BOI e-auction and got registered to my name on Feb 2020 after taking the loan from same bank with my name. They told within 3 to 4 months the physical possession will be given to me after getting a broken order from the court as previous owner is not given a key. From the bank they were saying last 15 months there was no Judge appointed and now there is judge appointed so we will get the order soon. This was happened 6 months back. but there were four hearings went still the status shows "Appearance" but bank says that verification is done and also provided the affidavit on last week to court via their legal dept lawyer without petitioner. But when I check the the status it was showing "Petitioner not present. At request adj to 12.11.2021" for last week hearing status and previous month hearing it was showing "Petitioner Present. At request adjourned to 22.09.2021" I also asked bank to stop the EMI or compensate until hand over of physical possession. they said nothing can be done from bank side. Now my question is what should I do? Should I wait for some more months? or send legal notice to bank via lawyer or any other alternative way is available. Note: The current status of the house, the tenant has kept some things and locked. when I check on that, he was telling owner was told to vacate since bank is taken but not given advance. Not sure both are in touch and purposefully keeping the things inside. Please guide me.