Is there any law for a son torturing his parents reg property?

Hi, I have a elder brother who is tortuing my parents to sell the house they stay in. This guy is kind of pschycic in nature because he doesn't want to think of anything but his own good. He keeps telling them leave this house and get lost and he is kind of even physical torture to them. I stay abroad and my parents don't want to hurt me by letting me know what all he is doing there. Another thing till January he was an okay son who never cared for anything & he was working abroad for 2 years(left job this month Aug 2015 to go back home & irritate them). He was introduced to a girl for marriage proposal ( Jan 2015 end).initially my parents were fine with it then declined. Then my brother said he loves her & so in July mom dad and family kind of did an official ceremony with other relatives. Everything was fine n my parents accepted it. But now I believe that he is wanting them to give him this house so that he can sell it and give the money to the girls family for a good wedding maybe. If My parents even think of talking to the girls family about anything those people (girls family) he does not allow them .. they even try to change the meaning of what my parents say..and they are having him under complete control like obsessed kind. My brother also says lies every nanosecond. Nothing he says can be trusted. Proof the whole relatives of both my mom n dad side know how bad he is. I want him to stop this but we don't know what we can do. Dad has also retired. Hardly they have money at home and still they are bearing all he does. Is there any solution to this. Thank you in advance. Really in need of legal advice.