Ipc 408 & it act

I was working with one of the organisation where organisation has terminated my services on the basis of E-mail forwarding , password change and usages of other mail ID without their permission. They also blamed me for data theft . They have filed a complaint in CYBER cell and cyber cell has given details that all mails and other usages has been used through my personal mobile phone and my HOME internet . Police do not wanted to lesion my version on this , fact is Organisation has shared ADMIN - Username & Password with me and after creating mail ID it was used for only official purpose. I have all mails related to ADMIN password shared with me & all the mail ID has been used for only official purpose . After me till today that particular mail ID is in use and organisation is using that particular mail ID. After 15th June 2015 , i have never used that particular mail ID but still that mail id is in use and same organisation are using that particular mail ID. Session Court has been Rejected my bail on 26th August. Kindly advise what to do ? My Advocate is telling me to go for HC for Bail. I have also launched a complaints against unknown for :- - Someone has hacked my gmail ID & removed all the data - As per my knowledge same organisation has did this - CYBER cell is taking time to get the result and IP location - I am 100% sure that the same organisation has used my mail ID and removed all the data If its proof that same organisation has used my mail ID and removed the data , then these case will help me on my urgent case or not ? Kindly advise