Correction in Rental Agreement

Hi Experts, I took the help of a guy to create a Rental Agreement between me and my owner. The guy created a rental agreement on 2 Rs Stamp paper with a 100 Rs stamping on it from Register office, Bangalore. He got typed all the content and got it signed and stamped by a Notary public. When I got the rental agreement [Dated 7th May] I found that there is some Errors like Door No and Floor number. So I did not signed it and did not asked my owner also to sign it. Now, Instead of correcting the Rental agreement [Dated 7th may], I am planning to create a New Rental Agreement with proper details [may be dated 25 May] myself on 2 Rs Stamp paper with 100 Rs. stamping with Notary Public Sign. Now my question is: 1) Is this correct procedure, since I had created a Rental agreement on 7th May and again I am creating one more on 25th May [same month same year]? 2) If it is correct to create a new rental agreement just 15-20 days after the 1st one is created. What happens to the first agreement created on 7th May.