Name of father and mother is different from biological parents

I am 33 years old belonging to hindu family, i am in government service, as i have studied at my bhua's home. My Uncle (Fufa) by giving affidavit my uncle change my parents name and mentioned their name in my documents as father and mother, further he (Fufa) also got my name included in his service book as he is retired army personal. I got Got government Job by clearing all india open competition exam in my caste category. My uncle's (Fufa) son have also mentioned my name in their service book as their third brother, as both are in defense. My biological parents are illiterate even they can not sign any documents. Further, my Name was deleted from my biological parents documents (i.e. rashan card), i have nothing on my biological parents name. My bhua and fufa's name is written in my all documents (i.e. Adhar card, X and XII, graduation certificates, rashan card, marriage certificate, my children's birth certificate) as father and mother my name is not in my biological parents documents. i have not taken any benefits on the name of my bhua and fufa's. is there nay problem in my job. I came to knew after my graduation that my parents are other than mentioned in certificates. My cousins (elder brother of my biological parents sons) are threatening to file suit against me that i would be booked under 420 IPC. What to do now sir. Please guide me. As i have not taken any benefit on the name of my Uncle (Fufa) as he is retired ex-service men from army.