Re vocation of gift deed/cancelation of gift deed

My father has purshed a house with his own money in the name of first son in 1995.In 1998 first son marriage was done by father with his own money.After marriage first son was divided to live seperately.My father has five sons and four daughters.At that time my father told to first son that give my house to me in gift registration.Then first son has given a gift to his father.After giving gift, father has changed name in municipal records and enjoying property till today .From 1998 onwards paying taxes,water bills on his(father) name.In 2010 son was cancelled a gift deed without giving any intimation to father and transfered the property in his name.All original purchased ,linked ,giftdeed all documents are having with father .father has having witness at that time of puchasing a house in the name of son with his own money. so i am requesting you that son has having rights to revoked(cancelled) the gift deed without giving any message to absolute owner .Who is the original owner of this propertity.