Child custody

Hi, My husband and i were married in india in 2017. Left to the US in the same year. Son was born on 2020 in US. My son and i are in india since march 2021. My mother in law has been constantly creating problems between us stating hateful remarks on me and my mother. My husband has constant problems that im close with my mother and now decided to separate from me citing reasons that my dependency of my mother is the reason for his separation. Separation talks started 3 weeks back. I still want us to try and resolve the conflicts between us and live together. Even promised that i would reduce talking to my mom and that parents will not visit me. But he is stubborn on the divorce. I haven't agreed to the divorce. He is blackmailing that he would take custody of my infant. Is there any base for him to take my son away from me as per the US or Indian law? Can i leave my child behind with my parents in India for few months and travel to the US for work ? We've have our own house in the US. Can he sell the house without my consent? Please advise.