Need Justice

My Husband had filed divorce which doesn't meet any of divorce's ground rules in the first place. I fought against for knowing the valid reasons, yet failed. though I had many reasons to file divorce, I haven't taken action yet. Now the court had provided counseling, mediations and standing with counters as of now. It's a five years of marriage totally and he left me three years ago by vacating house without even informing me. Post that he asked for some private time and disappeared. Eventually he applied divorce with only false allegations and sent to me on my third wedding anniversary. With my attorney support, i could able to adhere to the terms and countered petitions. Now that asking for reconsideration to make my marriage work again in the court seems to be unfair because when responding to his allegations, I had to put forth the real scenarios which resulting it's not good for both of us to put together in marriage. Reason being am victimized to mental torture, forceful abortion, forceful consumption,defamation and Verbally abused. Now I wanted to know how does court lead us for compensation. What are my options to deal my case with justice. However, AM NOT ready for mutual consent. Please provide your suggestions