How to present the compliance of para 9 of the order

Our case is in cooperative court the case had been dismissed in the year 2012 and we had filed for restoration on 18/09/2012. on 21/08/2015 the order was passed for restoration but we will have to comply the conditions of para 9 of the order para 9 which states that the matter is of 2001 years old and considering the objection of opponent expediting the casesubject to condition that disputant shall keep witness present for the cross examination and shall show their positive approach for smooth progress of the case.the disputant and his witness shall remain present as when the case is posted for evidence and for the cross examination as per procedure in order to decide dispute on merit. I would like to seek legal advice on how to present the compliance letter as i have no advocate and i am representing the case myself.. 2 what is the time limit within which it has to be complied. 3 since the case was previously in another cooperative court whether the compliance has to be presented in which court. 4 whether stamps have to affixed with the compliance. 5 when will the next date of hearing will be given. 6 whether a copy of the compliance has to be given to the society