Wife and in laws

Initially, we are living with too much affection and love not only me with my family also, In the month of may their parents came and took her to their home for some birthday celebrations, then also they did some arguments within the family, they went and after one week she attempted suicide in their parent's home. then they fought on us and later one-month they bought her daughter to maternal home with all the elders for panchayath - later the elders scolded my wife and her parents in the panchayath said that there is no considerable issue to prolong thee are small ting happening in everyone house. don't bother to be positive and start a new journey. On the next day when their parents start to go home then they start to speak abusive words on my family in front of my home and also throughout the road. their elders themselves stopped us not to speak as they raise the issue pls ignore what they said. later on, their parents did not call me - he will call my uncle and grand father speaking ridiculously. by this issue my wife decided to give a complaint on her father writing a letter but we stopped her not to give a complaint. they try to make calls from their relatives to us. then my wife says that if you are willing to talk positively and obediently then only call e or else don't call. recently from her sister messaged her like - parents are willing to keep her in their home, not in the maternal house, start doing stupid things in the home don't bother anyone, give answers ridiculously to your in-laws frequently they stop bothering you then you say to in laws to call her father to take her to their home, ( i have collected screenshots of the WhatsApp messages from the web, WhatsApp). later 15 days back my wife went away from my home and filed a harassment complaint in her parent's town PS. in that complaint she is stated harassment on sweeping, Cleaning, and cooking eating topics. we are saying her for eg. she sweeps house by evening and morning that is fine but she sweeps the CC road in front of our house. she is suffering from Sinus so we suggest her f there is a bag of too much dust then we can clean r else we can clean within the house and compound itself. she feels that in a negative manner that we are trying her to stop doing things and again we are asking her why she didn't sweep. "ASI of ps itself said that it does not matter to file a complaint those are small little things - as you don't know the house chores you are learning now what is the issue. your mind is not mature." after discussion their parents concluded that I have to get separated from my family, I have to go to their place. from that day to till today she didn;t called me she changed her mobile number linked to aadhar number also. i called many times to her father he is not giving phone saying other reasons then i only called her then she said that she is not willing that consent given in the station and she need divorce."i have to show who i am pls help help".