Domestic violence case quashed on false grounds

I have filed a DV case in Madurai mahila court. But my case got quashed in high court by oct 2019. The knowledge of this order came to light only by Aug 2021 when the cases got listed as specially ordered cases in cause list. My case got quashed on false grounds that no shared household between me and the so called in-laws. But the so called mother-in-law has herself filed a Domestic violence case on me in the same Mahila court by 2018 itself to throw me out of the house and for 10 lakhs compensation from me. I appeared in court and told Justice Nisha Banu in Madurai bench of Madras High court that no one appeared on my behalf as my lawyer gave NOC to me on August 2019 itself and he is saying he didnt appear at all but his name is coming and order says heard both side counsels and I told that the so-called mother-in-law has filed DV against me as well and Justice Nisha Banu noted it down and asked my ex-counsel to file an affidavit that he never appeared. I have his NOC with me with date that he is not my counsel anymore by August 2019 itself. In both cases protection officer has given report in my favor. My case is not getting listed in cause list after that. She never appears in the court for her own case. Please any lawyer who has license to practise in Madurai High court help me in getting the case listed or i have to commit suicide in front of the Madurai high court. Opp. party DVOP is coming next week and her case will go on but my case is quashed. I have interim residence order and I dont know what is the fate of that order.